Our focus is on the discipleship process as modeled by Jesus, which is meant to help people grow into Christian maturity and service. We have long seen that investing in the lives of young people has the potential to change not just individuals, but families and whole communities. To that end, we focus on efforts in several main areas:

Schools - We have partnered with and developed several schools, seeking to provide not just a solid education, but to develop disciples from a young age, like...

Church Planting - Believing that the local church is the avenue through which God desires to work in this world, we are actively working in both urban and rural settings to plant self-sustaining, self-replicating local churches led by indigenous leaders.

Leadership Development - Jesus commanded us to “teach them to observe all that I commanded you”. To that end we have developed Pastoral and Leadership Development courses we teach throughout the country, seeking to “entrust them to faithful men who will teach others also”. This includes curriculum development, teaching and mentoring of local leaders.

Ministry Teams - Over the years, the ministry has been blessed with volunteers who come out to carry out activities which support the church and school ministries. We have hosted construction, medical, dental and other ministry teams. People are able to bring knowledge and abilities to share as they work hand in hand, alongside the Honduras people, blessing both the recipients and the volunteers.