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5 Reason We Partner with True Disciples?

My friend, Brian Stark, asked me if he could share some thoughts about why he partners with True Disciples. 

As a mission's pastor, I am inundated with requests to contribute to different opportunities. And let's face it, there are lots of needs out there and lots of good people, doing good things. So why do we partner with True Disciples?  Let me give you five reasons why.

  1. They keep the main thing, the main thing! The name, True Disciples, and their philosophy about discipleship are all about exalting Jesus and calling people back to the truth of God's Word. Plain, simple, true and effective.
  2. Their walk matches their talk. They don't just talk about loving Jesus, serving people and giving God the glory, they actually do those things and they do them consistently, humbly and graciously. I had to convince Dana to let me post this blog as he isn't one for "tooting his own horn."
  3. The ministry is effective. We have witnessed first hand the impact the ministry is making, particularly at Calan School. The teachers love Jesus and love the children. This isn't just a job or a paycheck to them, they fully understand the impact they can make in these children's lives for Christ.
  4. The ministry is efficient. True Disciples doesn't have a lot of overhead, so I know that my dollars are going directly to help the children, to build the school or to multiply leadership.
  5. They want us to partner. I don't mean they want our money, but they welcome us to come and serve alongside them. They delight in finding ways for the people in our church to engage in the ministry personally. And as a result, not only do we have the privilege of assisting in the ministry, but our people grow in their faith and their involvement in ministry and outreach.

So what about you, will you come alongside True Disciples through Child Sponsorship, helping with building or special projects, giving and prayer? True Disciples can help you make an eternal impact!

Brian Stark

Pastor of Community & Outreach, South Hills Church, Kennewick, Washington


Calan School

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