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Shantelle's Trip


     For much of my life, I had dreams and aspirations of becoming a Developmental Psychologist. Summer of 2014, my mom and I were convinced by Dana Benscoter that some children in Honduras would enjoy learning to play the piano. As a 15-year-old, this was my first time leaving the country, and I had no intentions of working daily with kids in the future, because of my interest in studying brain development. I was hesitant to be with the kids, especially with the language barrier, but had experience working in children’s’ Sunday School at church so figured it wouldn’t be much different. Summer of 2015 changed all views I had for the plans of my life. Getting to know those children at the church in La Ceiba and teaching them the piano so they could express their love for Jesus through worship completely flipped my life upside-down. I knew I had to go back, but most importantly; this was when I realized God had a different plan for my life. I am currently in my third year of school at Lewis-Clark State College in Lewiston, ID with the intentions of becoming a teacher. I attend Lewiston First Church of the Nazarene where I am fully supported with my love for both domestic and international missions.

     Summer of 2019 was my next time (and most recent time) back in Honduras after attending a few other mission trips with my church from back home. I’m grateful that Dana and Mirtza Benscoter are such supportive family friends who were willing to let me invade their home for much of June, July, and August. As expected, this summer gave me new insight and a more concrete vision for my life and my walk with Christ. I was given the opportunity to work with the teachers and students of the Evangelico Nazareno school in Calan. I have never seen a more God-fearing or respected group of individuals so dedicated to educating children. The students were inviting from day-one. Again, a big fear of mine was the language barrier, but these students helped solidify the fact that a love for Jesus isn’t anchored to one specific language or culture. The teachers and students were ready to make me feel welcomed and loved each day that I arrived.

     A major virtue of Evangelico Nazareno that stuck out to me was their partnership with people from all different states within the United States. I got to see the opportunities that were given to the children because of the generosity from individuals who hold child sponsorships. The students who are being sponsored are provided with uniforms for the school, a meal each day, and supplies/curriculum to help further their knowledge in many school subjects. True Disciples is a remarkable program that supports a number of schools and organizations in regions through much of Honduras. I saw the mission of True Disciples being lived out each day through Dana, Mirtza, and each of the employees at the school. They are making unbelievable change in not only student lives, but whole family lives as well. God calls us to make disciples of ALL nations, and I couldn’t think of an organization who better represents their ability to do so.

     I’m abundantly thankful for opportunities provided to me this summer to not only further my experience as a teacher, but to meet incredible people who are doing incredible work in the Kingdom of God.

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Honduras Mission Team returns from Life-changing Trip!

A short-term mission team of twenty-seven people from both the Piqua and Troy Campuses of The Valley Church went to the North Coast of Honduras as part of our on-going partnership to build the church, change lives and encourage the people of this area.

During their 8-day work trip, the team delivered Children's Bibles, purchased with the money you gave just a few weeks ago through our crowdfunding effort called Bibles for Niño’s, to the local schools. They also provided much-needed school supplies to those same schools, held a two-night Vacation Bible Adventure, and worked on a new church building in La Confianza.

The trip was filled with God-moments as the team visited three of our partner churches in La Ceiba, Saba, and La Confianza. Our relationships continue to grow with the pastors, their families, the church members, and the local community. Many lives were impacted and changed on this trip, both Honduran and from our team.

Highlights of the trip included a weekend with Maximo Missions, a mission team of young adults from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua. These young adults traveled as far as 35 hours on buses to come to the training center we helped build a few years ago in La Ceiba. After arriving, they were able to have a very powerful weekend evangelizing, praying, praising the Lord, and teaching children through a Vacation Bible Adventure.  They blessed the community around the church by sharing needed supplies to them.  Our team joined with the nearly 100 member Maximo Mission team, and we were all blessed and encouraged to serve together, truly experiencing the passage of 1 Thessalonians 5:11, “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing”.

Following this amazing weekend, our team spent four days at La Confianza, helping the rapidly growing church there build a new and larger worship space.  They had been having lots of rain, but we had beautiful days to work, and it sprinkled as we left the last day...God truly had His hand in every detail.  This church, with Pastor Freddy, is excited, willing and ready for a larger place to worship so they can reach more people.  With the unrest that had been in Honduras, our brothers and sisters in Honduras had fasted and prayed for us so we could come and be the parting of the Red Sea, God truly made a way.  We would love to start planning our trip for next year.  Pray and ask God with an open heart to join our'll never be the same. 


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Calan School

Without an education, underprivileged kids are pretty much doomed to repeat the cycle of poverty.  In 2010, we felt that God was leading us to take a step of faith and do something.  We started with one Kinder class. 

Loida Salgado, had grown up in the church we pastored in San Pedro Sula.  She had always been very responsible and dedicated to the Lord.  She became the director and the teacher.  

Loida had a strong desire to make a difference in the children's lives.  In spite of some funding challenges, the first year was an extreme success.  We could see the difference that a good education, in a good, Christian environment with passionate people at the helm could make.   We decided to continue while adding a class each year.

Today more than 200 children attend the Calan School.  God has blessed the effort and we have seen the fruits.  This is the morning class.  There is another group in the afternoon.  The school now has Kinder through 7th grade with plans to go to 9th. The impact upon the children, their families, the church, and the community are something we really can't measure, but God has blessed for sure. 

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5 Reason We Partner with True Disciples?

My friend, Brian Stark, asked me if he could share some thoughts about why he partners with True Disciples. 

As a mission's pastor, I am inundated with requests to contribute to different opportunities. And let's face it, there are lots of needs out there and lots of good people, doing good things. So why do we partner with True Disciples?  Let me give you five reasons why.

  1. They keep the main thing, the main thing! The name, True Disciples, and their philosophy about discipleship are all about exalting Jesus and calling people back to the truth of God's Word. Plain, simple, true and effective.
  2. Their walk matches their talk. They don't just talk about loving Jesus, serving people and giving God the glory, they actually do those things and they do them consistently, humbly and graciously. I had to convince Dana to let me post this blog as he isn't one for "tooting his own horn."
  3. The ministry is effective. We have witnessed first hand the impact the ministry is making, particularly at Calan School. The teachers love Jesus and love the children. This isn't just a job or a paycheck to them, they fully understand the impact they can make in these children's lives for Christ.
  4. The ministry is efficient. True Disciples doesn't have a lot of overhead, so I know that my dollars are going directly to help the children, to build the school or to multiply leadership.
  5. They want us to partner. I don't mean they want our money, but they welcome us to come and serve alongside them. They delight in finding ways for the people in our church to engage in the ministry personally. And as a result, not only do we have the privilege of assisting in the ministry, but our people grow in their faith and their involvement in ministry and outreach.

So what about you, will you come alongside True Disciples through Child Sponsorship, helping with building or special projects, giving and prayer? True Disciples can help you make an eternal impact!

Brian Stark

Pastor of Community & Outreach, South Hills Church, Kennewick, Washington


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